Of the many Tuscany tours, the drive tour from Florence, the city of art, history and architecture to Cortona is one of the most enjoyable ones. There are hundreds of people who visit Florence and then drive to the city of Crotona to enjoy the picturesque landscape on the way. This is the reason one can easily find rented cars to pursue with their travelling regimes at reasonable costs. This drive from Florence to Cortona can be easily covered in about one and a half hour.  The simple network of the roads and the breathtaking views that it offers are sure to mesmerize all. However, when driving one will have to be vigilant as though the roads are safe, they do abruptly end into tight curves in the mountainous regions. This is the reason some of the people find the northern and the southern roads an easy drive but, when driving around the eastern and the western roads they might have to slow down the speed of their cars, to ensure safety. In between the drives the travellers can even stop to enjoy the local food and visit the wine co-op located on the south of Castellina. Before starting with the driving tuscany tour, it is important that the travellers get themselves a good map of Tuscany. There are various websites that offer detailed information of the roadmap showing the significant landmarks situated between Florence and Cortona.

The individuals driving from Florence to Cortona will have to be careful of the speed limits on the roads, as the speed limit signs are only posted at the dangerous curves or the slopes, tunnels and construction zones etc.  The speed of the different vehicles is checked electronically, which is why all the cars bear a license tag both on the front and the back of the vehicle. This helps in capturing the pictures of the vehicles when entering or leaving the speed traps along the travelling routes. Since most of the visitors and the tourists travelling on this route make use of the rented cars, they are charged heavily against their credit cards by the rent a car companies.



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