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Usually, when people think of cruises, they think of exotic locales like Mexico, Egypt or the Caribbean. But did you know that there are a lot of cruises that depart the UK as well? Many cruise lines choose ports in the UK as their departure point. Northern Europe is a particularly popular destination, as is the Mediterranean. This summer, stay closer to home and check out beautiful cities like Stockholm, Oslo or Copenhagen. You can relax on gorgeous beaches on the North and Baltic Seas. Alternately, relax in warmer waters on the Mediterranean, and check out the rich cultural history of the area at the same time.

Going on a cruise is a really great way to travel, as you can see a lot of places in one holiday without having to worry about sorting out transport or accommodation. The ship takes you to where you need to go, and you always have a place to stay! It saves you a lot of hassle, and you get to see more places than if you stayed at an all-inclusive resort. Cruise ships do have a lot of the perks of resorts though. Many lines are full board, meaning that all main meals are included with the price, and most at least do half board, which gets you breakfast and dinner. A few are even all-inclusive, which will get you drinks and snacks!  Cruise ships also usually have perks like quality entertainment (after all, you need something to do when you’re on the boat in the evening!) and excellent food menus. Rooms tend to be comfortable, and even luxurious, and are usually outfitted with a number of amenities such as television, internet and beautiful sheets.

Now, you might be thinking ‘that sounds all well and good, but how am I supposed to afford something like that?’ Usually this can be true; cruises aren’t the cheapest holiday option and even though a lot of lines run deals on their cruises, they can still cost a lot overall. Why not consider getting a voucher from Groupon? Groupon offers discounted deals on cruises and more of up to 70% off the original price. That will get you a pretty luxurious holiday for a very competitive price!  If you sign up, you can get vouchers for participating cruise lines departing from the UK delivered to your inbox, so you can be sure you won’t miss out.


Shopping for the best airline fares used to mean hours on the phone or online. Now anyone with access to a computer or smartphone will find comparing flights and fares as easy as buying a book online. There is absolutely no need to overpay for airline travel in today’s market.

There are a numerous travel comparison sites, and while there are slight differences, most use all the same data from the airlines. Any easy way to choose is to check out a few online travel forums and see what users are saying. You will be amazed at the depth some people go into in reviewing sites.

Once decided on a comparison site to use, the rest is simple. On the homepage, you will find a search box to input the essential information. This includes departure and arrival information, preferred dates of travel, number of passengers and class and ticket type preferences. Type in the data and you are off.

The site will return a grid of prices for your route and travel date. This shows who is offering the lowest fares. But you will likely notice lower fares, also showing up. This is the real benefit of these sites: they help you uncover lower fares.

For example, there might be a significantly lower fare the day before or after the date, you put in. Alternatively, routing through a major hub may mean a reduction in cost. One trick to savings is to include alternative airports in the search. This can take advantage of carrier deals to boost traffic on flights that are less full. How flexible you can be depends on each person’s situation, but sometimes a little change in itinerary can lead to big savings.


Of the many Tuscany tours, the drive tour from Florence, the city of art, history and architecture to Cortona is one of the most enjoyable ones. There are hundreds of people who visit Florence and then drive to the city of Crotona to enjoy the picturesque landscape on the way. This is the reason one can easily find rented cars to pursue with their travelling regimes at reasonable costs. This drive from Florence to Cortona can be easily covered in about one and a half hour.  The simple network of the roads and the breathtaking views that it offers are sure to mesmerize all. However, when driving one will have to be vigilant as though the roads are safe, they do abruptly end into tight curves in the mountainous regions. This is the reason some of the people find the northern and the southern roads an easy drive but, when driving around the eastern and the western roads they might have to slow down the speed of their cars, to ensure safety. In between the drives the travellers can even stop to enjoy the local food and visit the wine co-op located on the south of Castellina. Before starting with the driving tuscany tour, it is important that the travellers get themselves a good map of Tuscany. There are various websites that offer detailed information of the roadmap showing the significant landmarks situated between Florence and Cortona.

The individuals driving from Florence to Cortona will have to be careful of the speed limits on the roads, as the speed limit signs are only posted at the dangerous curves or the slopes, tunnels and construction zones etc.  The speed of the different vehicles is checked electronically, which is why all the cars bear a license tag both on the front and the back of the vehicle. This helps in capturing the pictures of the vehicles when entering or leaving the speed traps along the travelling routes. Since most of the visitors and the tourists travelling on this route make use of the rented cars, they are charged heavily against their credit cards by the rent a car companies.

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Negotiating a great travel and tourism deal, be it in person or over the Internet, calls for excellent communication skills and the ability to create an atmosphere of faith, cooperation and trust. Travel and tourism is one area where building personal rapport and maintaining personal relations would always have importance. Personally making a visit to the travel agent is very important in the travel and tourism business. Read the rest of this entry »