March 24th, 2009

There are many places in the world but some cities are renowned because of their beauty and living standards.

Following are the Worlds Top Cities:


Sydney is a cosmopolitan world city; it is surrounded by lush green lands and iconic beaches. Sydney is ranked first in the Asia Pacific and it’s famous because it provides quality of life.

People from all around the world visit Sydney. Skilled students and people visit there as there are plenty of jobs available, educations is world class and health care is readily available.

It is considered to be the world famous destinations for education. There are world class universities and they also provide scholarships to the competent students.


It is the capital city and one the biggest and 16th city of Germany. It is the gateway between East and West.

It attracts investors and business man to start their business. It invites highly qualified people.

It is also good places for spending vacations. Over 300 hotels are there and you can also book a beautiful apartment to have wonderful vacations.

Berlin is also famous for its education. There are many standard universities in Berlin but most of them require German language.

Its cultural heritage is amazing, there are over 150 theaters and play houses, three opera houses, over 170 museums and collections and over 200 private galleries.

New York:

One of the metropolitan city and is considered to be one of the most populous city in the United States. It is a best place to spend vacations. Mass transit is available 24 hours and for overall destinations. It is also referred as The City That Never Sleeps and is also named as Gotham and Big Apple.

It has many landmarks and neighborhoods that are world famous. For example the Statue of Liberty that attracted millions of visitors. It has become the home of tallest buildings such as Empire State building and World Trade Centre.

It provides a world class education. Entertainment is outclassing in New York. There are many hotels, restaurants, night clubs and casinos.

Other Worlds Top Cities are Paris, Tokyo, Venice, San Francisco, Prague, Edinburgh, Constantinople and many more.

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February 4th, 2009
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