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growth of social entrepreneurship offers a possible future for the global this time found an explosion of creativity in social projects against the background of the crisis in global capitalism. He barely half of Americans surveyed in 2010 GlobeScan they believe in the free market system, compared with 80 percent in the … F, learn more about world Show Business Summary: BFI, “doctor”, Yahoo, Dailymotion, Ukraine piracy this … British Film Institute has identified 20 UK production company, which will Vision Awards BFI 2013-15. Grants will provide up to £ 200k over two years for companies to invest in the development of a list of candidates. Said BFI successful … F learn more about

Lugar and Daschle: defeat world enemy – hunger

On in Lugar and Daschle: defeat world enemy – hunger agricultural surpluses is no longer the norm, though, and experts predict continued with dire consequences for the poor and vulnerable. Today volatility of global food prices, we are in the world economy the growth of industrial activity in China, and also followed the signs about the health of the Chinese and world economy slowed in April, after growth in the first quarter of this year unexpectedly weak.

World carbon dioxide levels near alarming milestone

Global carbon dioxide levels near alarming milestone data collected by Le Quéré and other members of the Global Carbon Project shows that people all contributed 10400000000 tons of carbon into the atmosphere in 2011. About half of which are discussed in each year ‘sinks’ carbon as the ocean and … Find out more about F global Malala strong voice than ever before “, and seems to be courageous Malala has awakened the silent majority in Pakistan who no longer prepared to tolerate threats and intimidation Taliban Pakistan, “said former British Prime Minister Gordon Brown, UN Special Envoy for Education. More>


. the public only saw today DIP invest heavily in hedonometer Monday, April 15, the day of the explosions, the Boston Marathon – which shows how the shock waves caused by these events … F learn more about

Former elevator repairman builds IPad App to keep ‘ world enlightened citizens and give people a greater understanding of the world around them a noble goal, who Track180 founder Drue Hontz seriously. started Track180 IPad application in the day to provide an easy way for people to consume information about the world … F learn more about

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TMT global support offerings M & Boutique banks Although Credit Suisse close to the lead placement consultants TMT sector, having won mandates as well as advice on Liberty Global and Silver Lake Partners, a joint candidacy of the latter Dell, the surprise winner of the league table was a boutique … Read more about car production should be increased in 2014 and 2015, even though taking … Orlando, Florida, global car production would have to increase in 2014 and 2015 despite lingering weakness in Europe and the customers are cautious about hybrid and electric cars, said experts from JD Power & Associates International Automotive …
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GLOBAL The stock market profits strong data, the yen will rise NEW YORK (Reuters) – Strong economic data is deleted in global equity markets and took the S & P 500 and the highest in five years on Friday, when the yen rose after Japan’s finance minister said last fall the money too far, too fast. Brent oil … Read more about currency war could get nastier, warns Mantegna Brazil More than two years ago, Mantegna used the term “currency war” to describe the series of competition devaluations taken by rich countries to support exports in the midst of a global recession at the expense of emerging nations. Since then, Brazil … Read more about “Future: six drivers worldwide Switch”, Al Gore more than ten years before he won the popular vote but lost the presidential elections, George W. Bush in 2000, the former vice president and Tennessee Senator Al Gore was the best-selling author, starred in the Oscar-winning documentary … Read more about