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Which American would not know about the city of Baltimore, the birth place of the national anthem for this great nation? It was here that Francis Scott Key composed the anthem after escaping the bombing of Fort McHenry. Located on the eastern coast of the United States of America, it is rightfully known as the ‘Charm City’.

This city, which is a natural harbor, bustles with life and welcomes fourteen million visitors and tourists from around the world annually. Situated two hundred miles inland from the Atlantic Ocean, its generosity, contemporary amenities and attractions lure many towards the city. It offers many historical sites that include the Civil War museum, historic homes and much more. One of the most visited places in Baltimore is the Edgar Allen Poe Museum, which also was his abode from 1830 till the day he expired. It still gives off eerie vibes enough to discomfort many.

From churches to synagogues, theatres to refined dining, Baltimore offers the finest option in all. Another favorite spot of the visitors and the residents is the Inner harbor. It is a unique natural harbor bearing the shape of a horse shoe, which is also the hub of many eat-outs, shopping and fun-filled activities. This city offers ultimate fun and facilities for all ages. Baltimore’s national aquarium has an exclusive collection of reptiles, fishes and endangered species. What adds more attraction to it is the glass-encased tropical forest placed on the top of the aquarium’s cylindrical structure.

Summers are usually hot and sticky in the city of Baltimore accompanied by thunderstorms that also provide a pleasant relief from the soaring temperatures and helps in cooling down the warmth. The winters on the other hand are not harsh and cold and the temperature hardly ever reaches extremes. However, people need to secure themselves against the seeping cold by wearing warm clothes and accessories like mitten and scarves. The best season to visit the city is spring, which offers the perfect comfort of the apt temperature which makes sight-seeing a pleasant experience.

The one thing that cannot be missed while in Baltimore is the cruising experience. Baltimore boasts a cruise ship that can accommodate twenty five thousand people. Not only this but the cruise has its own casino, spa, indoor and outdoor pool, and other sources of recreational activities for families like, the rock climbing wall. It also entails distinct shopping areas as well.

When thinking o Baltimore Glories f relocating to such a fine city, one tends to get excited about discovering new surrounding and finding new friends, but the tedious task of relocation that involves the laborious work involving segregating items, packing them, getting them loaded to be unloaded and unpacked at the final destination drains individuals. This is the reason why hiring the services of professional movers is considered a good choice.