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Beach is a landform near to the shoreline of water; it is made up of shingle, cobble, pebbles, sand and rocks. Beaches are normally designed for recreation and entertainment. People visit beaches for spending unforgettable vacations and to spend a nice weekend. Development of tourist industry is based upon the number of beaches; beaches are a great source of fun and recreation for the travelers and residents.

Water sports are very common on the beaches. Beach is not only a place to enjoy but also a prime place for those who love to have isolated environment; one can enjoy calm and soothing environment on the beaches. Tourists from various parts of world visit USA to enjoy sunny and warm beaches and Florida beach is among most liked ones.

Some of the best beaches in US are Florida and Miami beaches that offer opportunities for fishing, sailing and scuba diving. Anglers can enjoy their passion on Florida beach. Visitors visit such beaches for wild life and natural beauty; Shore birds are very common on beaches and wild life adds a great experience for the visitors. Travelers can enjoy comfortable accommodations and worth seeing cafes on the beaches.

Parks near Florida beaches keep the children engaged and the elders can take sun bath. Gay beaches and nude beaches have taken the heart away as gays and lesbians can enjoy each other’s company on such beaches. On the other hand there are number of beaches where people are prohibited to wear clothes, these beaches are known as “nude beaches”

On beaches there are several activities available that travelers can enjoy; some of these are mentioned below:

  • Surfing
  • Snorkel
  • Surfing
  • Swimming
  • Night Dance parties
  • Birthday parties
  • Wedding parties
  • Rugby
  • Frispy

Families can spend wonderful days and nights on Miami beaches as such beaches are top picks by the visitors. Some beaches i.e. BAL Harbor beach, Bill Bags Beach, Crandon Park Beach, Haulover Beach Park are all popular in Miami. Such beaches are having common facilities to attract more customers’ i.e. concession stands, Tables for picnic, Beach chairs, facilities of shower, jogging paths and walking trails make your trip amazing. Fishing competitions are common on Miami beaches that attract most of the travelers around the globe.

On weekends, the residents of the beaches mostly arrange dance parties and dinners to enjoy. Nightlife on beaches compels visitors to come again. Researchers, poets and writers love to carry out their work alone and beach is the best places for them.


To many people, the thought of top beaches are miles of clean sand. Other things are important and different people grade different things depending on their own personal surroundings. All gorgeous places would be better if fewer people knew them and visited them. There are few things related to a good beach which are quite general. So what makes a good beach?

· Sand – types, cleanliness and color of sand.

· Privacy.

· Access – car parks, walking tracks.

· Facilities – toilets, barbeques, eatables, umbrellas.

· Water temperature.

· Safety – sharks, stingrays, jellyfish.

Some of the top beaches are:

Gullane Bents: A great beach for a calm stroll, this sandy beach is edged by banks and gives the ideal place to admire stunning sunsets and astonishing sights. This place is famous among surfers. It is also easy to go via bus, a regular service going to Gullane from Edinburgh. The beach is only a small walk from the village of Gullane.

Yellowcraig: This long sandy coast is very famous among families. There is lots of room for kids to run around, fly a kite or enjoy different games like football. If one likes to take things at a slower pace then take a gentle stroll along the sand.

Cramond: A small beach, near to Edinburgh and simply reached by means of car, Cramond is a most picked option by Edinburgh people who head here to walk and cycle on the beachside paths. At low wave, one might cross the causeway to Cramond Island and discover, but watch out as the changing tides appear fast.

Palm Beach’s beaches: These beaches are popular among families. The majority of restaurants and hotels give friendly services and discounts as well such as free gifts; buy one get one free and babysitting services. Aruba’s island has many attractions for the tourists such as Kibaima Miniature Village and Park, beautiful playgrounds and don’t forget to enjoy the natural wonders of the Island.

Oahu: It is famous among surfers because of the visit of top sea surfing professionals each year. The Bonzai Pipeline is known all over the world because of its high waves during winter, which might splash up to 30 feet height. People can enjoy snorkel, sunbath, relax, and can do lots more.

Bora Bora: Bora Bora Island is component of French Polynesia and is situated at Matira Point with in a lagoon described as sandy beach. The island offers travelers the adventurous activities and is particularly suitable for couples who want private time. Scuba divers might also have fun by exploring a large variety of colorful marine life.