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London is a great city to visit, however if there is a special event or festival going on, it can be hard to find anywhere even remotely near the centre. Even though you can get anywhere taking the public transport system in London, it doesn’t compare staying somewhere more central. It starts to get frustrating when you can’t find any available places for the time of your holiday. However, with Wimdu there are always surprising deals, especially for self-catering vacation apartments, that pop up when you least expect it.

Whether you are travelling around London, San Francisco or Paris, you always have the option to book into one of the self-catering vacation apartments offered via Wimdu. Even if you need somewhere last minute, this option is available to you through Wimdu’s site. The added benefit of this service is that you will be put in touch with the owner of the property, who can answer any questions that you may have about the area. Therefore, staying in accommodation offered Wimdu is a brilliant alternative to staying in a hotel.