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Usually, when people think of cruises, they think of exotic locales like Mexico, Egypt or the Caribbean. But did you know that there are a lot of cruises that depart the UK as well? Many cruise lines choose ports in the UK as their departure point. Northern Europe is a particularly popular destination, as is the Mediterranean. This summer, stay closer to home and check out beautiful cities like Stockholm, Oslo or Copenhagen. You can relax on gorgeous beaches on the North and Baltic Seas. Alternately, relax in warmer waters on the Mediterranean, and check out the rich cultural history of the area at the same time.

Going on a cruise is a really great way to travel, as you can see a lot of places in one holiday without having to worry about sorting out transport or accommodation. The ship takes you to where you need to go, and you always have a place to stay! It saves you a lot of hassle, and you get to see more places than if you stayed at an all-inclusive resort. Cruise ships do have a lot of the perks of resorts though. Many lines are full board, meaning that all main meals are included with the price, and most at least do half board, which gets you breakfast and dinner. A few are even all-inclusive, which will get you drinks and snacks!  Cruise ships also usually have perks like quality entertainment (after all, you need something to do when you’re on the boat in the evening!) and excellent food menus. Rooms tend to be comfortable, and even luxurious, and are usually outfitted with a number of amenities such as television, internet and beautiful sheets.

Now, you might be thinking ‘that sounds all well and good, but how am I supposed to afford something like that?’ Usually this can be true; cruises aren’t the cheapest holiday option and even though a lot of lines run deals on their cruises, they can still cost a lot overall. Why not consider getting a voucher from Groupon? Groupon offers discounted deals on cruises and more of up to 70% off the original price. That will get you a pretty luxurious holiday for a very competitive price!  If you sign up, you can get vouchers for participating cruise lines departing from the UK delivered to your inbox, so you can be sure you won’t miss out.


For a perfect Mexican Caribbean experience a Cancun Mexico vacations is the most ideal choice. Cancun is a part of the State of Quintana Roo in the Yucatan Peninsula. With crystal clear waters and white sandy beaches a Cancun Mexico Vacation would be a great attraction for those who would want to spend their holiday relaxing and doing what the blue sea would invite them to do with open arms, such as swimming, snorkeling, other water sports or simply getting tanned with the sun beating just right with no fear of any pollution as the area around is surrounded with lush green forests.

Cancun is a modern city that have hotels, villas, condos and resorts to suit different budgets. It is a well planned city with beautiful roads and a very good transport system. One can get into buses to cover the entire coastal line.

It is not without reason that exclusive tours are arranged to cover Cancun and the surrounding areas. They make a perfect Cancun Mexico Vacation package.

Getting away from the hustle and bustle of life and taking time off to play golf or even go cycling one needs to look for a city that is peaceful. Cancun in Mexico is just the right place. A Cancun vacation will make it all the more worthwhile when the whole family takes the vacation together, spending quality time and enjoying togetherness, eating together, swimming together and travelling together which indeed are special moments that will go down history. .

Along the Coast right down South from Cancun there are several attractions that are normally included in one’s itinerary. Just about 180 km from Cancun, which can be covered by bus one can reach Coba, known for archaeology. Nohoch Mul, which is a pyramid and is found there, is considered to be the highest in Mexico.

Who would want to miss visiting Tulum, that is located on top of a cliff from where one can have a spectacular view of the azure waters! Then there is the park at Xel Ha just about 115 km from Cancun which has some great attractions such as underwater rivers and lagoons, which are just right for swimming or snorkeling. The forests untouched so far are worth looking at too.

For the ultimate in luxury the Mayan Riviera has it all which again is a coastal district easily accessible from Cancun. The Mayan Riviera is famous for mangroves, lagoons and has the second largest coral reef. The beaches are beautiful and crystal clear. It would be worth spending some time here which only a Cancun Mexico Vacation can make it possible.

Once on arrival at the Cancun airport one needs to check in at a hotel where there would be assistance available from tour organisers. Most of the hotels do not charge for assisting in preparing the itinerary of places of interest. One would need to look at the budget while finalising the tour programme. These tours could be handled independently without any guide, as the places are all within reach as buses ply on these routes regularly.


With the coming of cold weather are many people who begin to feel the nostalgia of days the summer, now seems so far away in time. However, might not be as much distance as may strike us in the first instance … Today, everyone wants to get away to a tropical paradise and to live into another reality for some days. One of the preferred destinations for that is certainly Cancun.
Who has not heard of this area, boundless beaches and palm trees? Located in the northwestern part of Mexico, Cancun is one of the most pampered wealth of the country, and attracts many tourists throughout the year. It began as a fishing village, barely explored, and has finally become a benchmark for holidays throughout the Western world, and one of the packages offered by tourism businesses.Cancun is a special place..

One possibility is the most popular  Cancun Hotels  with jacuzzi. It is not difficult to find many in Cancun, and certainly represent the perfect complement to days beach at night, or in the evenings when we do not feel like leaving the hotel, we can relax in a way that has nothing to envy to lie on the sand.

Although the area is best known hotel, Cancun Resorts also has an urban style of the great cities. In addition, the call can visit Isla Mujeres Puerto shipping through Juarez. This is a small municipality with equally spectacular beaches, which are the remains of a temple of the Mayan era, erected in honor of the goddess Ixchel. An original added visit Cancun showing that we can enjoy more than just sun and sand.


In addition to his very special nightlife, Cancun has a number of attractions and places to visit. In turn, the downtown is the heart of one of the main destinations of Mexico.

The buildings of modern features and shopping malls are evidence monumental urban development, a direct result of overwhelming momentum lively tourist this stunning coastline.House of Culture: Cultural Institute which houses various artistic events as well as the traditional “Parque de las Palapas’ which hosts the” Caribbean Nights ”

Bullring: where are made the traditional bullfights and musical recitals.

City Hall and Plaza de la Reforma: A place where the mayor resides, has been the scene of numerous cultural and social events.

Kabah Park: Located on Avenida Kabah, is an ecological park where you can appreciate the flora and fauna. There exists a permanent exhibition of photographs with the history of Cancun.

Kukulcan Plaza: an area of 60,000 square meters, is the largest shopping complex in Cancun. It has over 250 shops and boutiques of the world’s most famous firms. The commercial offer is completed by exclusive restaurants and cinemas, as well as recreations centers in reigning fun and recreation. Located in the center of Cancun.

Ki-Huic market: it is a craft center which offers leather goods, hats and wooden sculptures. Ideal to buy souvenirs that perennicen your visit to this corner of Cancun. However, before paying, haggle the price. Located on Avenida Tulum, a few blocks from the Hotel Zone.


Known as the Mexican Carribean, Cancun is a city located on
the coast of the Yucatan Peninsula and is famous for its parties during the nights. Even the city is quiet during the day, you can find after the sundown many parties to choose from. The city is extremely popular among singles as well as for students that are looking for fun during breaks. Due to the fact that Cancun is such a popular destination, there are many all-inclusive hotels available for all tastes and budgets.

Temptation Resort

This resort is exclusively for adults, that means over 18 in Mexico. The resort and spa offer an incredible party atmosphere: 24-hour food in three restaurants, around-the-clock liquor service and vegetarian food alongside a huge variety of snacks all day. The party zone is located on the beach and has a private entertainment staff, named Temptation Cast Members that are trained to guide the guests from scuba diving to dirty dancing. This Cancun Hotel includes also beach sports, three pools, gym area and WI-Fi internet. All the taxes and tips are included in the price, which starts at $249 in the spring of 2012.

Cancun Clipper Club

Cancun is perfect to spend some night partying. The Cancun Clipper Club offers this opportunity right within its facilities. This Cancun Hotel is not for someone who needs to rest during the night, because there is a disco all night long and many others in the proximity. The price is very reasonable even for Cancun, a room being less than $100 per night in 2012, in a hotel located in the middle of the city and of the party district. Everyone can enjoy a night full of parties and after this can go in the morning to have a breakfast and rest at the pool area. The hotel has a pool, a hot tub, lively bar with swim-up access and an astonishing open-air restaurant specializing in Mexican national dishes and seafood. The Clipper is the perfect place to stay if you are in the mood to find many parties and entertainment facilities. From the hotel you can also see a magnificent view of Nichupté Lagoon, even swimming is not allowed into it, because of the danger created by crocodiles.

Oasis Cancun Resort

Situated only a few miles from Cancun’s Party Central area, this Cancun Mexico Hotel has four pyramidal buildings that hold about 175 Mexican-themed rooms each, all of them facing the ocean, the lagoon or the gardens. The hotel has nine bars, opened around the day, three of them being swim-up, situated in areas of the serpentine pool, the longest in all Cancun. The rooms have balcony or terrace, air-conditioning, Internet and satellite TV. The eight restaurants cover almost every type of cuisine, from Japanese to traditional Mexican to American famous burgers and hot dogs. Every Thursday there is a foam party and every night there are some parties and a lot of music. All-inclusive price per room start at $127 for the spring of 2012.